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Here is your total cashback and status.
This section displays the total amount of cashback credit you have earned while using 'Shop to Earn'. The table on the left shows the status of each cashback amount. Additionally, you can copy your account number to provide to our customer support team in case you need to check any of your transactions for faster assistance.
Selecting a merchant from our list.
You can find a list of all available merchants on our 'Shop to Earn' platform. To start shopping and earning cashback, simply click on the merchant you wish to purchase from.
Read the merchant’s information before shop.
This section provides you with detailed information about the merchant, including the estimated timeline for receiving cashback, the terms and conditions of the cashback, and the merchant's information.
To start shopping and earn cashback, simply click the 'Shop Now' button and proceed with your normal shopping process.
Process as normal
To ensure that you earn your cashback, please proceed with your normal shopping process. It is important to note that you should only click on the merchant website/application once and complete the entire shopping process.
Check Your Cashback History on Playbux Pre-Alpha
You can view the details and status of your transactions on the Playbux Pre-Alpha website at To check your cashback transaction details, simply navigate back to the Playbux Pre-Alpha Home Page.
How to withdraw your cashback credit
To withdraw your cashback, simply go to the 'Withdraw' menu on Playbux Pre-Alpha and transfer the funds to your own Web3 Wallet. Please note that a gas fee will be required for each transaction.